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An unhealthy workplace is an unproductive workplace

68% of workplace illness comes from poor cleanliness and hygiene within the workplace - contributing to the spread of colds, flu and other nasties.


Employee downtime is costing your business

Every time one of your employees gets sick, it may cost you in terms of sick pay, but it also costs in terms of lost productivity and extra wages if you need to bring in someone else to do their work while they’re away. Employees returning from sick leave could make other employees sick and may take a few days to get back up to speed.


Workplace microbial danger zones

There are more bacteria on your phones than your toilet seats. Not to mention on your keyboard, computer mouse, chair arms, door handles, and office equipment. In fact, anywhere that is ‘high touch’ is a danger zone. These danger zones don‘t contain just a few more microbes than a toilet seat, they can be literally thousands of times more hazardous.


Won’t your current cleaning service be able to eliminate the hazards?

It’s one thing to detect danger zones, but quite another to eliminate them. Normal ‘cleaning’ won’t remove hardcore bacteria. In fact, wiping with a mop and Handy Andy can just make it worse by spreading bacteria over a wider area.

Mr Green has trained and experienced cleaning technicians that use science and the latest technology to kill the bacteria and microbes that old methods can’t. The result is that your workplace is truly clean, safe and productive.

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