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If you would like to become a franchisee, or you just want to learn a bit more about the benefits of belonging to a franchise, please email us at

Owning your business has huge benefits but you need to enter any business with your eyes wide open. Mr Green prides itself in being NZ’s fairest franchise and we make it our business to help you grow your business into one that will make a difference to you and your family.

We will talk with you openly and honestly about income possibilities and the fixed costs you need to consider. We will discuss with you possible business opportunities and explore with you whether you have what it takes to join our amazing group of franchisees.


Ash and Gopi share their experience of owning a Mr Green franchise.

Q1. Why did you join Mr Green?

Answer: During the pandemic since my airport job became part-time, I was looking to add an income for the family, and because I was the sole income earner in the family, it was definitely a challenging time for me. I had cleaning experience in the past, and we thought it would be a good idea to open a small cleaning business. After browsing in the market, we came across a Mr Green franchise for sale so I did a bit of research about Mr Green.

I liked that it's 100% NZ owned and operated - that attracted us. When we had a meeting with Wayde, we got more confidence in Mr Green, so decided to go ahead and buy the franchise.

Q-2. How has owning a Mr Green Commercial Cleaning franchise changed your family’s situation?

Answer: We bought this franchise around February 2021. Since then our lifestyle has changed. We are more proactive towards achieving our financial goals and giving more support to our kids' commitments. Also adding a second income to the family is always welcoming especially when expenses are rising day by day.

This cleaning business definitely suits us to accommodate kids' commitments during the day as the majority of it is after hours. This was the best decision we made..thanks to Wayde in helping us make the right decision.

Q-3. How have Wayde and Coram helped you in your business?

Answer: Wayde and Coram are really helpful Master Franchise owners of Mr Green Auckland. In fact any issue whether it is pricing, insurance, or if we require any suggestions our first point of contact are Mr Wayde and Coram. They both are quick to reply.

The time when we realised a couple of the prices for our clients were low, Wayde personally visited the client and made sure that we got the right price - a fair price for both the client and for us. Wayde has lots of patience and understanding.

During the pandemic when we needed to isolate, without second thought he & Coram helped us to cover... that was great team work!

Our payment is always on time without delay 😊.

We often get emails about cleaning products, we regularly get emails about training and guidance so that we can improve our jobs,that really helps us to do our jobs more efficiently.

Overall Wayde and Coram are really helpful not only providing administrative support but also any issues we have about the clients or for any communication regarding cleaning, they are simply awesome.

Q-4. Would you recommend Mr Green to others?

Answer: We definitely would recommend Mr Green to others who want to start their own cleaning business but don't know how or whom to join? Mr Green is a very supportive team work environment, where you get your clients ready and also everything has been sorted for you, so you don't have to worry about your payment collections and invoicing.

Mr Green is 100% NZ owned and operated, so they very well know NZ culture... which is to be kind to others and to be polite to others.

For a hassle free cleaning business, Mr Green is the right choice.

If you are interested in becoming a Mr Green franchise please contact us.

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