Hard Floor Cleaning Auckland & Hamilton

Keep your floors clean, shiny and scuff-free with Mr Green's hard floor cleaning service.

Flooring is an expensive investment and one of the smartest and cost effective things you can do is to keep your investment maintained through effective cleaning maintenance.

Mr Green offers the following hard floor cleaning services

  • Vinyl floor strip and resealing of the floor with 2 layers of wax polish
  • Hard floor scrubbing
Vinyl floor striping and resealing

Vinyl floor striping and resealing restores your flooring to a gleaming shine finish. Using industrial walk-behind floor scrubbing machines, Mr Green's hard floor cleaning machines remove dirt, dust, food and spillages. Care is taken to strip the existing wax, scrub the floor clean of any contaminants and then apply 2 layers of wax restoring your hard floors to a glossy shine.

Hard Floor Scrubbing

Hard Floor Scrubbing maintains your floors original finish and makes them easier to clean. The brush head on the floor scrubbing machine penetrates and removes the surface layer of dirt which is then either vacuumed or mopped away.

Why spend the money?

This process saves you money in the long term as it will extend the life of your floor.
It reduces marks and scratches and guards against bacteria penetrating the vinyl surface. It also makes the floor easier to clean so cleaning teams can spend more time on other areas. 

Whatever your requirements - whether daily, weekly or monthly hard floor cleaning - Mr Green's hard floor maintenance program and machine polishing will help keep your hard floors clean, free of dirt, grime and scuff marks, maintaining a high sheen polished look.

We recommend that full vinyl stripping and rewaxing is done on a yearly basis.


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