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  Is your office really clean?


                                                                                                                                                                                              Other professional cleaning companies will tell you they will give you a cleaner, healthier result


But how do they know?

Free Ultra Clean Quote and Business Health Check


Only we can prove our claims.

That’s because we have turned to science to prove how good we are. Only we offer free Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing. Firstly at our initial consultation with you to determine where the highest concentrations of dangerous microbes are “the danger zones’, then once we’ve put the Mr Green Ultra Clean System to work for you, to show you the difference we’ve made.

We know what makes your workplace tick.

Time is Money. We understand that. We’re all about productivity. Yours and ours. We use the latest technology, equipment and processes in order to get the best result. In fact, we can show you how to achieve a cleaner, healthier and more productive workplace in less time than it may currently be taking.

Introducing a whole new approach to cleaning.

You may call it cleaning. We prefer to call it Workforce Optimisation. This innovative new concept has two parts. The free ATP Workplace Hazard Detection Assessment we were telling you about earlier and the Mr Green Ultra Clean System. Two very special services you won’t get from any other cleaning company.

You're far better looking than you may have thought.

First impressions are important in business. What do your prospects or clients see when they come onto your premises? Grime in the corners? Dust on shelves? Tiny tell-tale signs that they may not really care? The Mr Green Ultra Clean System will ensure your business always makes the best first impression.

Success lies in the system.

Systems that give us predictable results every time are the keys to business success, according to business guru, Michael Gerber in the best-selling business book "The E-Myth Revisited". Take our free business health check. The 7-step Mr Green Ultra Clean System for Workplace Optimisation will achieve predictable and highly effective results for your business every time. Following this system ensures the best results every time.

Take our free business health check.

Our free Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Workplace Diagnosis will tell you exactly how healthy and productive your workplace is. Click to book your Free No Obligation Quote and Business Health Check.

Free Ultra Clean Quote and Business Health Check