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      7 Steps to Quality Office Cleaning


7 ways we can help you get rid of unwanted visitors in your workplace

Step 1

Comprehensive scientific approach to workplace health and productivity

Bacteria and germs are a constant threat to the wellness and productivity of your workplace and contribute to high levels of sickness and downtime. Discover how our rigorous scientific approach to workplace cleaning and hygiene can contribute to the success of your business or organisation.

Step 2

Initial Hygiene Audit and Needs Assessment

We do much more than measure up your workplace and give you a price for cleaning. We provide a comprehensive assessment of your danger zones and the best ways to optimise your workforce’s safety and productivity.

Step 3

Franchisee Training Program

Mr Green Commercial Cleaning is a franchise group so the people who’ll be cleaning your office are business owners, not employees. That means they have a vested interest in your satisfaction with the results they achieve for you. Because their work is more than just a job, they’ll go the extra mile for you and won’t hesitate to report problem areas. Backed by the training and support of a national organisation that’s been operating since 1991, you can be assured of best practice in our industry.

Step 4

Tailored cleaning systems

We’ve found over our years of experience that every one of our clients has different and often specialised needs. So our approach is to first conduct a thorough analysis of your business’s needs so we can tailor the ideal cleaning solution for you. That way, our unique Mr Green Ultra Clean System will deliver a more thorough, healthy and efficient result for you every time.

Step 5

More effective equipment and products

We don’t skimp on the quality and effectiveness of the equipment and cleaning products we use because we set high standards for ourselves. Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers better results in less time. And our cleaning products are guaranteed to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs but at the same time are friendly to your people and the environment.

Step 6

Self assessments and follow up inspections

Our motto is: “We don’t just get it cleaner. We prove it.” We train our Cleaning Technicians to rigorously evaluate their own performance and we conduct spot checks to ensure we're continuing to deliver the results you expect. We see ourselves as partners in your workplace’s safety, health and productivity. That’s why so many of our clients have stayed with us for years.

Step 7

Continuous improvement

We don’t believe in standing still. If there’s anything we can do to set ourselves apart from our competitors and improve the standard of our service to you, we’ll do it. That means keeping up with the latest cleaning technology and incorporating it into our systems. It means constantly raising the bar for the greater protection of our clients.