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Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Workplace Compliances

Health and Safety


As members of Safety Work Kits NZ, CleenSafe Health and Safety, you can rest assured that all Mr Green Auckland cleaners are compliant with the current New Zealand Government Health and Safety Act, along with the new legislation introduced in April 2016 by Work Safe NZ.


Background Checks and New Zealand Police Criminal History Checks


All of our Auckland cleaners undergo a comprehensive background check and are police vetted by the NZ Ministry of Justice as part of our employment process. Staff also receive training on the importance of securing properties on leaving, as well as safe keeping of keys and swipe cards.




Along with a range of biodegradable cleaning products manufactured in New Zealand, Mr Green uses a range of environmentally friendly, green certified products with the Environmental Choice New Zealand tick of approval.


Training and Qualifications


We partner with the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) which provide professional cleaning theory courses and all of our Auckland cleaners must complete this course. We also have our own in house training courses which all of our cleaning teams must complete as well as comprehensive onsite training conducted by our experienced cleaning supervisors. All of this ensures that our cleaning teams are trained to meet and exceed industry best standards. We are also members of ISSA - The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association and we are regularly updated on new cleaning technologies, products and equipment, and through this we provide ongoing training to all of our cleaning teams. We regularly conduct spot audits on our cleaners, to ensure compliance and quality control.




All Mr Green Auckland Cleaners hold Public Liability Insurance and workmanship guarantee cover through our dedicated broker, Target Insurance underwritten by Lumley Insurance Company. In the unlikely event of an incident, you're assured with peace of mind that we've got you covered.



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