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7 ways a Mr Green commercial cleaning franchise is one of the best business opportunities available

  1. We find the customers so you can focus on making money
  2. You work your own hours so you can keep your day job
  3. No experience necessary – we provide full training and support
  4. A Mr Green Franchise is a business, not a job, so you’ll make more money per hour
  5. We guarantee your income for two years so you’ll get a good return on your investment
  6. You have the opportunity to grow the business and re-sell it for more than you paid
  7. Mr Green is a well-established brand so your investment is secure

Need extra income? Want to get ahead in life?

Work smarter, not harder

You won’t do it by working harder. You’ll only do it by working smarter.


Yes, you could get a part-time job to make some extra money. But most part-time jobs pay low wages and what will you have to show for it when you’ve finished work?


Buying a Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Franchise is an investment that will not only provide you with a healthier income than a part-time job, but also an asset that you can sell when you wish. The choice is yours.


As wealth guru Robert Kiyosaki would tell you, if you have a choice between a job or a business, the smart money is on the business.


Would an extra $500 to $1,000 per week help?

Extra money

If you were earning minimum wage, it would take you more than 30 hours of work to earn an extra $500 per week before tax.


But did you know that you could potentially earn the same amount in just 15 hours – or less – with your own Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Franchise?*


That’s why a Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Franchise is such a smart investment.


* Your Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Franchise is a business, not a job, so you won’t earn wages. But when you divide the weekly contract value by the number of hours worked each week, we have found that your income can be the equivalent of $25 - $35 per hour.


Get a return on your investment in just six months

Your hard work will soon pay off

The purchase price of your Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Franchise is based on a percentage of the annual income you will start earning right away.


That means that after around seven to eight months, you will have earned the equivalent of the purchase price. And everything you make after that – remember that your income is guaranteed for a full two years – will be icing on the cake. Yours to keep.


What will you do with your business asset?

Positive net worth

The difference between a business and a job is that a business is an asset. Like gold, or your own home, your Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Franchise is an asset with value that you can sell if you wish.


The difference between assets like gold and your own home is that a Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Franchise gives you many choices for your future. Choices that could increase the value of your business.


You could buy more cleaning contracts and increase your income, perhaps even leaving your day job and becoming a full-time business owner. Or you could even grow your business by obtaining your own cleaning contracts.


We find customers. You focus on making money.

We find you customers

In most businesses, you have to find your own customers. Otherwise you won’t make any money.


But a Mr Green Commercial Clean Franchise is different. The purchase price of your business includes the right for you to service cleaning contracts that will start generating income for you in a few short weeks. And that income is guaranteed in writing by Mr Green for a full two years.


That means you don’t have to market or sell in order to make money. Unless you want to purchase more contracts from us and make more money.


No experience? No worries.

Effective commercial cleaning is more skilled than you may have thought, but don’t worry – Mr Green will provide you with cleaning systems that have been developed and proven over many years. And our training and support are so good that you will become a skilled cleaning technician in no time at all.


Be part of a leading New Zealand franchise

Be part of a leading New Zealand franchise

Established in 1992, Mr Green has well-developed systems, training and support, as well as a trusted and well-recognised brand, known for exceptional service. With over 200 franchisees working under the Mr Green brand, Mr Green Commercial Cleaning is one of New Zealand’s leading residential and commercial cleaning companies.


See what our franchisees say

Franchisee testimonial

“Thanks to a stable and profitable income, our life has dramatically changed for the better.”


Song & Bella

Mr Green Auckland Cleaning Franchisees


Have you got what it takes to be a Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Franchisee?

  1. Do you want to get ahead in life?
  2. Would you like to earn an extra $500+ - $1,000+ per week in your spare time?
  3. Are you prepared to learn and follow Mr Green’s proven systems?
  4. Do you have a passion for quality and an eye for detail?
  5. Do you have access to $12,000 + to invest in your own business?*

* Mr Green Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunities start from just $12,000 plus GST. If you need finance, we have a strong relationship with Heartland Bank or can help you obtain finance from your own bank.



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